Well, Hello There!

UPDATE! The verdict is: Not to chlorinate!

Did I forget to mention my Inner Esther Williams? She HATES to swim, but can totally rock the headwear!

Welcome to Mother Hen’s new and improved page!  Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.  I’ll put the kettle on, and you have a look around, ok?  I’m not ALL about chickens, you know. Posts here will range from pet and family humor, fashion (or the lack thereof), travel adventures and crazy randomness to stories of my whacky past, all told with a good dose of hyperbole. I have also recently begun a foray into short story/flash fiction writing with a series called Stories from Amos, little tales of extraordinary happenings in a very ordinary Kansas town. Hopefully you can find something to entertain you, touch you (in a totally un-creepy way!), or otherwise make you think.

Best news of all? Mother Hen strives for brevity (with mixed success… haha!). I realize everybody’s busy, so I make it my goal to pack a big whallop with as few words as possible. Most (but not all!) posts will be around 1,000 words or less, though fiction may be a bit longer. Consider my literary offerings like chicken nuggets, really: As tasty and nutritious as the whole bird, but way easier to dip! This is a family friendly page, so I only request that your comments be squeaky clean! 🙂 If my grandchildren can’t read them, neither can I.

Keep an eye out for My Inner Comedienne who rears her mad head from time to time. She is forever causing trouble, so new material is bound to be in the pipeline. Both she and my Inner Whitney Houston hijack my brain from time to time. Yes, I am that party guest who, after completing her stand-up routine, manages to belt out “I Will Always Love You” into a substandard Karaoke system and feel totally unembarrassed. She makes no apologies whatsoever. Until the next day, when Rational Me is left holding the bag.

On the upside, I make a great lightening rod for awkward people, so it’s handy to have a friend like me. Next time that whiskery librarian auntie corners you for a discussion about her digestive issues? Oh yeah. That’s when you’ll need me. Don’t worry, my friend.  I’ve got this covered.

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All kidding aside, professional me can be found on LinkedIn, and blogs on Medium.

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