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Lost begets found      As ounce begets pound           And sin begets pardon                When the heart is willing.                     Nevertheless,               […]

Short Story: The Potato Field

He blew into our lives in late August, 1952, a tramp with a green rucksack and long, brown braids framing a weathered face. He slanted me a gap-toothed grin and tipped his hat to my mother. “Afternoon, ma’am,” he said. The Farmer’s Almanac had predicted a good year for […]


My sweetness remembers the marshmallow moments of girlish childhood, days sprinkled with hundreds and thousands; pink, dreamy food. A tasty treat for life to devour. The bubblegum day passes, a chaotic rustle of candy floss dresses, pink gossamer, and cherry lips whispering the tart promise of future sweetness.  I am saltwater taffy  pulled […]

Our Day

Hear my confession. Let me speak of regret beyond measure. Banish the darkness      and swift, pure agony            of anxieties unspoken. Give me your eyes, Your ears, Your lips. Write my name on your trusting heart,      seven letters scribed in tears. Absolve. […]