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Guilty as Charged

Y’all know I rarely rant. Well, at least not out loud. But there are times when I just GOTTA SAY… As I was trawling the internet today looking for super, life-changingly important things like the benefits and drawbacks of lash extensions and the importance of wearing Spanx under […]

Wait For It…

Anticipation has much to recommend it. Back in the days before DVR, before DVD, before VCR even (yes, I am talking the stone age here!), the TV Guide was kind of your guidebook for the week. Sunday nights were Dallas nights, and whole cities became ghost towns for […]

The Bionic Woman

These are the things that run through my mind at 4 a.m. When I became a mum in the mid-80’s, I was suddenly endowed with this amazing intuition, spider sense, third eye, whatever you want to call it.  It was that little thing inside a mum that snaps […]

My TV Kiss of Death

TV has always been kind of a big thing in my life. As a little kid, I was hooked on Rocky and Bullwinkle, Roy Rogers and Sesame Street, and my passion for the tube only went on from there. This TV connoisseur has seen every episode of Leave […]

The Age of Colour

I am a huge fan of old pictures, both still and moving. I will spend hours poring over old photos, pixel by pixel, examining long dead faces for clues and for meaning.  The mystery of a world drawn starkly in black and white, a moment in time, a […]