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How to Talk British Part 2

Trip Advisor has just announced that LONDON is the most expensive city break in the world! Now, this is not exactly the feather in the cap we were hoping for.  Most of us would have rather Oslo or Zurich claimed the title, but then, who wants to go […]

Tar, Brushes, and Russians

“There are two types of people who visit us:  Tourists, and travellers.  A tourist visits another country and looks for what makes him feel at home.  A traveller comes, accepts what is different, and adapts.  Travellers are always welcome guests to Russia.”  – Liliana, Intourist guide We were […]

How to Talk British Part 1

People sometimes say that America and England are 2 countries separated by a common language, and I would have to agree. Moving over here I soon discovered that what I said was often misunderstood, and it had less to do with my broad Yankee accent and more to […]