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Another Italian Holiday!

Hello, my lovelies! Yes, it has been, like, FOREVER since Mother Hen has updated her diaries, but here I am! HH and I have recently returned from a wonderful 5-day getaway to my posto preferito, bella Italia! Ok, sure, it was too cool to swim in the Med, […]

Taking Flight

Tickets? Check! Passports? Check! Luggage? To much, as usual. Plenty of shoes, as per protocol? (Check!) House/chicken/cat/fish sitter, eater of leftover food and wine rack monitor? Check! Bills paid? I hope so… Adrenaline? Naturally. Pre-vacation gin and tonic? Checkeroo… “Aloha” T-shirt with green sparkles? Absolutely. Pre-trip selfie featuring […]

The Big Augustine Adventure

The first time I heard the surname “Augustine,” I thought it was about the prettiest name I had ever heard. Little did I know that it would one day become my own.  And even less did I know, once I married my Augustine nearly 3 decades ago, where […]