Tag: summer

The Great Swimwear Debacle

As many of you know, I have just returned from a beach holiday. It was really lovely, the only low point being the realization that I had forgotten the bottom half of my tankini, and was therefore obligated to decorate the beach blanket in my swim top and jean shorts. […]

Fields of Gold

It is my favourite time of year again! This morning, as I gazed out my back window over the sea of yellow grain heads arching under a blue sky, I wondered if it would begin today. The wheat is gold to the ground now, and it whispers of […]

So Many Beautiful Things

The view from my back garden across wheatfields to the West, a sunset seen after date night on Friday. Where has July gone? It is like the month began and I blinked for but a second and here we are three weeks in already! This has been the […]

Houston Hot

This is one happy Mother Hen today! We are just coming to the end of a proper heat wave here in England, with temperatures soaring up into the 80s. Most of the nation is, naturally, complaining about the heat. They can’t help it, really. It is the national […]