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Rubbish – a Sonnet

Rotten thoughts conceived in my heart Have no place in a life reformed, Improved, bettered, and informed. It is but rubbish festering in the dark. What is waste must depart Lest yesterday’s ugliness Spoil today’s happiness And tomorrow’s joy by its hideous mark. Where then to dispose of rancorous sentiment? Is there […]


Build your tower high, Block by block. Reason and rightness Are turret and crenellation. Draw the bridge and drop the gate. Silence shall reign. Forgiveness Lies folded in your darkest corner, Unused, Under guard, Out of reach Until regret runs as warm rain, A trickle, A flood, And shame becomes […]

To Breathe

I left you, my beauty. My grandboy. The breath in my lungs. A flight to catch A world to live in for Four years. I missed you, my boy. My gorgeous. Every breath was without you And I couldn’t breathe Without you, My beauty. My baby. My grandson. […]