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The Thug of the Bird World

They say evil takes many an avian form. For Poe, it was the Raven. If you asked Coleridge, he might say the Albatross, albeit after it had been shot out of the sky… Here on my humble patch of land, while any similarity to the talents of Poe or […]

Pillow Talk IV

I am fully awakened this morning by HH bounding up the stairs with all the grace of a vaguely lethargic camel. With heaters still running in spite of a gloriously sunshiney Saturday, we had spent a somewhat restless night in our muggy and airless bedroom, HH being averse to all […]

Snow Birds

My latest video is up on YouTube… Ahh, the cheeky British Robin! One more reason to love living here… Happy Tuesday, everyone! Grab yourself some bird seed, and let the fun begin! Mother Hen © motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved

The Robin

You would have to go pretty far in this world to find a sweeter looking creature than the British Robin. Unlike its larger American cousin, the British Robin is basically a tiny pingpong ball with feathers. But don’t be fooled by its fluffy exterior – beneath that red […]