Tag: menopause

The Cold Side of the Pillow

I wake to find HH firmly buried under his pillow. Before you ask, I must assure you I did NOT place it over his face, on account of him being worth much more to me alive than dead. “Babe,” I ask, “you ok?” He mutters something unintelligible, but […]

Much Ado About Nothing

Well, after having spent nearly all of the past year putting it off, I finally bit the bullet. It is true: I would rather pull off my left arm at the shoulder than see my doctor, but as many of you know, the lack of sleep was causing […]

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

Gaaaaaaa! One more day slogging through the molasses of a sleep deprived Twilight Zone that is my “New Reality”. This morning I was up at 3 a.m. and intermittently for the remainder of the night. What sleep I did manage to catch was disturbed by weird dreams interlaced […]