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Back in the Nest

Hello again, my lovelies! Yes, Mother Hen has finally emerged from five fantastic days in Devon with all my chicks in the same nest, having celebrated the BEST 30th Wedding Anniversary ever. I am so grateful to my sneaky family for sorting out the much needed surprise holiday. […]

Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

This picture of Chatelard Castle taken last year should tell you why Mother Hen is a happy girl this weekend… our holiday is booked, and the countdown to ski season has begun! Not many weeks now and we will be making the road trip across to northern Italy! Here is a […]

Taking Flight

Tickets? Check! Passports? Check! Luggage? To much, as usual. Plenty of shoes, as per protocol? (Check!) House/chicken/cat/fish sitter, eater of leftover food and wine rack monitor? Check! Bills paid? I hope so… Adrenaline? Naturally. Pre-vacation gin and tonic? Checkeroo… “Aloha” T-shirt with green sparkles? Absolutely. Pre-trip selfie featuring […]