Tag: God

Heavenly Sunrise

I’m half expecting choirs of angels to appear in these glorious clouds. I’ve decided it is worth getting up early. If I had listened to my pillow, here is what I might have missed: A little walk with my chickens round the garden in a crisp breeze, bathed in […]

Sunspiration, 28 June 2015

How grateful I am that my world is not seen in monochrome, that food is more than oatmeal or algae, that the air is alive with birdsong and insects, and the scent of honeysuckle fills this night. Thoroughly humbled, I am reminded that I am not worthy of such […]

Reflection of a Foggy Saturday

Saturdays are good mornings for reflection. They are good mornings for taking the time to serve our God, counting our many blessings and spending time with our loved ones. Saturdays are also good for long coffees by a pub fire, gazing across the whipped cream into the eyes […]