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Letting Go of My Eggo

Few things spell childish comfort in our home as does the Eggo waffle. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps it was the catchy advertising: The dad and his son simultaneously gripping the same, crispy golden waffle as it popped up from the toaster and shouting, “Hey! L’eggo my Eggo!” […]

Waste Not, Want Not

Friday night was “date night.” Don’t ask me why, after all these years married and with a thoroughly empty nest, we still feel the need to term it as such, but there you have it.  Date night.  Hubby and I went to The Chequers in Hedsor – a favorite […]

Feeding the Beast

January 1999, Copper Mountain, Colorado: It is 2 p.m. and I am, as always, sheep-dogging my 2 children down the mountain behind their dad, struggling to keep up. I am light-headed. I feel faint. My knees are wobbling with the strain of too much time spent at the […]

Burgers and the Ugly Brit

England is full of caricatures: The neighbour down the road in the beige Mac (trench coat) and Burberry wool driving cap, pulling on his Sherlock Holmes pipe and eyeing me suspiciously as I post a card into the letterbox (cue “Pink Panther” Theme)… the granny on the bicycle […]