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Lost in Space

So, of course you are asking yourself… “Where has Mother Hen disappeared to?” Ok, so you haven’t.  That’s ok, I don’t mind… everybody is busy, and my tiny slice of the blogosphere is but a speck in the great, wide universe, a dark, shining space teeming with other […]

Pillow Talk III

I am nursing a cup of tea this morning when HH scuffs across the living room. He is wearing post-shower trackies, because naturally one could die of frostbite with all heaters running full tilt, and as you all know, he refuses to wear his bathrobe. Due to its immense […]

Pillow Talk II

Handsome Hubby is turning off his second snooze alarm when I return to bed this morning. His phone alarm is kind of a swelling Zen tune accompanied by the sound of running water, and while I am thankfully still in complete control of all bodily functions, the water running did […]

Oh, My Nose!

Note to self: Next time you plan on unloading nearly a ton of winter fuel single-handedly, make sure you wear a nose guard. Yes, my friends. There is a reason my middle name is Grace. No, seriously. It really is! My mother was clearly feeling ironic when she […]