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Home Truths

I came to a startling realization yesterday: I am not, in fact, a fashion model. I realize this will come as a massive surprise to most of you out there in Blogland, those of you whose minds form an immediate image of the genetic offspring of Giselle and […]


I have been accused on occasion (falsely, of course) of being just the tiniest bit of a drama queen. I know, right? WHO would say such a thing about me? Me! – possibly the most reasonable and rational gal you are likely to meet within ten feet of […]

The Great Swimwear Debacle

As many of you know, I have just returned from a beach holiday. It was really lovely, the only low point being the realization that I had forgotten the bottom half of my tankini, and was therefore obligated to decorate the beach blanket in my swim top and jean shorts. […]