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Never to Return

Never shop at Asda when you are cold. (Asda, for my American followers, is the British discount grocery chain bought out by Wal-Mart in 1999.  Britain has been officially “Wal-Martized.”  Yay.)  I had only nipped in the other day to pick up some chili peppers and a few […]

The Fiesta Within

Since my return from the States, nothing has been normal. Well, granted normal for me is constant dieting and a continual battle raging between my Brain and the rest of the body parts residing in this bloated prison I call My Body. (Click here to see The Party […]

Keep Your Hat On!

Like all American families, we have our share of traditions. Some of them are worth keeping, like stuffing and cranberry sauce whenever turkey is served, traditional champagne on anniversaries, grilled jalapenos with steaks… traditional beer & pretzels with American Football, and popcorn on movie night.  Like hotdogs at […]