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Note to Self

Obviously, I don’t have nearly enough chaos in my life, which is why I keep inviting more to join the party. In the weeks before our son and his wife were due to arrive from the States for a family holiday in Italy, I made the executive (and […]

My Four-Alarm Morning

As I write this post, please understand I am operating on precious little sleep. If I ramble a bit, keep in mind that I’m getting old and lack of sleep is kind of a big thing for us oldsters. I cannot be properly held accountable for lucidity of thought […]

What Happens in Vegas

I love my car. Well, it’s a van, really. She seats 7 in aging, leather-clad luxury and comes with every imaginable bell and whistle, apart from Bluetooth, which is my only proper niggle. Being the better part of 9 years old, she has that eighth wonder of the […]

To Breathe

I left you, my beauty. My grandboy. The breath in my lungs. A flight to catch A world to live in for Four years. I missed you, my boy. My gorgeous. Every breath was without you And I couldn’t breathe Without you, My beauty. My baby. My grandson. […]