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Breakfast With Grandpa

I was always a bit of a Grandpa’s girl. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe it was because I loved sitting at his side and listening to hunting stories. When I was 11, I actually started trying to write them down with the intent of making them into […]

The Big Augustine Adventure

The first time I heard the surname “Augustine,” I thought it was about the prettiest name I had ever heard. Little did I know that it would one day become my own.  And even less did I know, once I married my Augustine nearly 3 decades ago, where […]

The Evergreen Lilac

It was a pretty well-known fact on Grand Street that June’s house had the prettiest lilac bush anywhere. In May, its boughs were practically crushed beneath the weight of enormous, fragrant, purple blooms.  Even in summers with no rain, while the neighbours’ own lilacs were reduced to shriveled […]

The Bionic Woman

These are the things that run through my mind at 4 a.m. When I became a mum in the mid-80’s, I was suddenly endowed with this amazing intuition, spider sense, third eye, whatever you want to call it.  It was that little thing inside a mum that snaps […]