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Dear Motorcyclist

An open letter to motorcyclists everywere. Feel free to cut, paste, share, whatever. I realize that the vast majority of you truly and absolutely value your lives, I really do. The feel of the wind in your hair, the squeak of the leather, the freedom, the joy of […]

Leadfoot Academy

I have always prided myself in being a law-abiding sort. I am one of those crazy people who reports all earnings and does not cheat on taxes. I will return to the store to pay for an item not rung up on my receipt. I will call the […]

What Happens in Vegas

I love my car. Well, it’s a van, really. She seats 7 in aging, leather-clad luxury and comes with every imaginable bell and whistle, apart from Bluetooth, which is my only proper niggle. Being the better part of 9 years old, she has that eighth wonder of the […]