Tag: childhood

Flash Fiction: The Hiding Place

“I ain’t ‘fraid of the dark.” “Me neither.” “Don’t be stupid, Brucey, everybody knows you are.” “Well, I ain’t!” Kip rolled his eyes. Brucey had moved so close in the dark Kip could feel him shaking. “Git off me, then!” Kip elbowed his brother aside, but there wasn’t […]

The Nap

I am three years old, lying in my mother’s bed on a warm, spring day. It is nap time. The moan of eighteen-wheelers passing on the interstate is carried on the breeze, breaking the silence of my pink-walled prison. Mum sleeps, her chest rising and falling, her song […]

Letting Go of My Eggo

Few things spell childish comfort in our home as does the Eggo waffle. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps it was the catchy advertising: The dad and his son simultaneously gripping the same, crispy golden waffle as it popped up from the toaster and shouting, “Hey! L’eggo my Eggo!” […]