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Ladies in Lavender

Adding new members to the family always causes something of a stir, but it’s a pleasant stir at that. Friday, when I went to my feed store for layer’s pellets, I spotted these beauties, Beechwood Blue hens at point of lay, unusually glamorous with deep, vibrant plumage, and I […]

Why Mother Hen?

Writing Prompt: How did you get your name? This is a question posed the other day by my blogbuddy Eli over at Coach Daddy, (He’s great! If you aren’t following him, why not, I ask you? Sports, parenting, humour and heart all in one place!) It occurrred to […]

Waste Not, Want Not

Friday night was “date night.” Don’t ask me why, after all these years married and with a thoroughly empty nest, we still feel the need to term it as such, but there you have it.  Date night.  Hubby and I went to The Chequers in Hedsor – a favorite […]