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My Fine Feathered Friday

CHICKEN SELFIE!! Yes, my friends… this is a sawdusty me administering a little chickie love and rocking the latest in “clean the coop” fashion. (Try to contain your jealousy!) I know, you are all shocked and horrified to learn I have acquired a couple more hens… I have […]

Sunny Monday

Greetings from Mother Hen and the whole henhouse! I have a list of things to get accomplished as long as my arm today, but rather than waste all this glorious sunshine and nearly 50 degree weather slaving over a hot computer and making super boring phone calls, writing […]

Snow Birds

My latest video is up on YouTube… Ahh, the cheeky British Robin! One more reason to love living here… Happy Tuesday, everyone! Grab yourself some bird seed, and let the fun begin! Mother Hen © motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved