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Goodbye, My Beautiful Girls

Well, my friends, this is a sad day for Mother Hen. Following the most recent hospitalization of my youngest grandson on account of severe asthma, we have decided to rehome our two beautiful cats. The house is so very quiet already, and though their things are all gone, […]

Poor Lilykins…

Cats really, really hate baths… Who would have thought it?   With all the construction work we have had going on in the back garden, my normally white cat has taken a fancy to rolling in the dirt and playing in the bonfire ashes. This morning when she […]

And Then There Was Kryptonite

“Honey, can we have a cat?” “No.” “I really want a cat…” “No.” “Aw, c’mon.  You love cats.” “No.” “Please?” “No.” I sulk in silence for all of 10 seconds.  Wait for it… wait for it…  “You’re really mean…” He sighs.  “Fine.  You can have a rabbit.” “I don’t […]

My Four-Alarm Morning

As I write this post, please understand I am operating on precious little sleep. If I ramble a bit, keep in mind that I’m getting old and lack of sleep is kind of a big thing for us oldsters. I cannot be properly held accountable for lucidity of thought […]