Rarest of the Rare

I was never meant to be a solo performer, apparently.  In fact, I’m pretty much rubbish without my wingman, my other half, my grill-meister.  The Captain to my Tenille.  Ringmaster of my own personal circus. Sunday dawned bright and sunny, warm with only a light breeze.  It was […]

Chickie Love III

Happy Sunday everyone!  The above picture was taken day 1 of Dusty Orpington’s life.  I thought it might be good to give an update on my favorite chicken.  Here she is in volume 3 of our chickie videos.  I gotta say, Hubby’s oversized Bronco hoodie does NOTHING for […]

Tar, Brushes, and Russians

“There are two types of people who visit us:  Tourists, and travellers.  A tourist visits another country and looks for what makes him feel at home.  A traveller comes, accepts what is different, and adapts.  Travellers are always welcome guests to Russia.”  – Liliana, Intourist guide We were […]