Codependency and the Family Cat

This might sound a bit obvious to some of you, but have you ever wondered why man bothered domesticating the cat? My tortie, Tiger, skulks around the house like a disenfranchised teen with pupils the size of baseballs, ears at half-mast – the kitty equivalent of a scowl […]

How to Talk British Part 2

Trip Advisor has just announced that LONDON is the most expensive city break in the world! Now, this is not exactly the feather in the cap we were hoping for.  Most of us would have rather Oslo or Zurich claimed the title, but then, who wants to go […]

The Arachnioso

What is it with old houses and spiders? It’s like they emit this homing beacon to all arachnids; it’s one of the great, unsolved mysteries of our universe.  Hence, my ongoing battle with Charlotte. In this ancient cottage, I have to make use of every available inch of […]