Greatest Hits

Helloooooo intrepid reader! Here is a brief listing of what I consider to be some of my best work.

london 4

One of my ongoing features is a course in  HOW TO TALK BRITISH, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, with more episodes to follow. Learn the ins and outs of two countries separated by a common language without ever having to book vacation time!



Meet my clownish alter-ego in MY INNER COMEDIENNE GETS PISTE OFF. She’s a crazy ski fanatic/caffeine junkie who plays a mean round of golf…


shutterstock_171954842 (1)

Next up, join me and my kids for a stroll down Memory Lane and into a Burger King in Uxbridge to enjoy  BURGERS AND THE UGLY BRIT! Kids DO say the darndest things!



While we are on the subject of food, join me for a day in the life of a prediabetic anemic in FEEDING THE BEASTWhatever you do, do NOT get me hungry!



Which leads us to… Ahh yes! My age old battle of the bulge is discussed in METAMORPHOSIS – the sad tale of my butterfly to caterpillar journey.


vw socal


Where do old cars go to die, anyway? Visit this ode to the classic VW in part of my memoir series, THE BLUE GYPSY. 




If you are into fiction, please check out my series of short STORIES FROM AMOS… The tales start here with THE SEAMSTRESS.



Discover what happens when the bank won’t let me have any shoe money in THE MAKING OF A SHREW IN SIX EASY STEPS. You will never look at the Gods of Banking the same way again.


There is a whole lot more here… memoirs… stories about chickens and life in the country, fashion disasters, tales of my mad life… please feel free to browse around! It is wonderful to have you here for a visit! How do you take your tea? White with one sugar? ME TOO! I’ll go put the kettle on and check if there are any bickies in the tin…

Mother Hen

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  • Clown photo: Shutterstock
  • BK photo: Shutterstock
  • Hulk image:
  • Butterfly: Shutterstock
  • London skyline photo: Shutterstock
  • VW photo courtesy of SoCal Beaches Magazine
  • Dorothy Gale image:
  • Bridal dress photo: Shutterstock
  • Shoe photo:

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