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Another Italian Holiday!

Hello, my lovelies! Yes, it has been, like, FOREVER since Mother Hen has updated her diaries, but here I am! HH and I have recently returned from a wonderful 5-day getaway to my posto preferito, bella Italia! Ok, sure, it was too cool to swim in the Med, […]

The Bottom of the Holiday Cup

Well, here we are, reaching the bottom of our proverbial holiday cup, already mentally making the move from two weeks of Italian winter sun back to the short, gray, drizzly days of a British January. Not that I’m complaining – we’ve had a wonderful time skiing, hiking and […]

Lost in Translation

They say the human brain has an almost limitless capacity for learning. And when it comes to languages, I would say that is probably true, provided a child has been immersed in multiple languages from a very early age. I have a Greek friend married to a Serbian, […]

Turkish Toilet Trauma

Few things surprise me these days. Having criss crossed Europe enough times and become acquainted with all manner of weird and wonderful means of sanitation, my shocker has long since been short circuited. Which, I suppose, is kind of a good thing. Hey, I swam in the south […]