Category: Poetry

The Second

Once there has been a first, There can only be a second. A second place, A second glance, A second chance. Too late to be first, I will be your last, If I am first in your heart For all the seconds Our lives allow. (Writing Prompt: SECOND, part of […]


The salt from a French fry             Litters my palm, The scent of onion             And pickles                         And burger grease                                     Soaks through the bun. A bushel of napkins,             But the smell still lingers; There’s no hot water             No […]

To Breathe

I left you, my beauty. My grandboy. The breath in my lungs. A flight to catch A world to live in for Four years. I missed you, my boy. My gorgeous. Every breath was without you And I couldn’t breathe Without you, My beauty. My baby. My grandson. […]