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Sunday Sunset

Good evening, all! Welcome to Sunday Sunset! Following up Friday’s post, Fields of Gold, here are our freshly mown fields under a pastel Turnuresque sky. Even though the Turner part is not translating very well to digital photography, I cannot help but share the glory! Tonight, I met our […]

Fields of Gold

It is my favourite time of year again! This morning, as I gazed out my back window over the sea of yellow grain heads arching under a blue sky, I wondered if it would begin today. The wheat is gold to the ground now, and it whispers of […]

So Many Beautiful Things

The view from my back garden across wheatfields to the West, a sunset seen after date night on Friday. Where has July gone? It is like the month began and I blinked for but a second and here we are three weeks in already! This has been the […]