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The Blustery Day

There are many advantages to living atop a hill. We enjoy the daily majesty of unobstructed sunrises and sunsets year round, and flooding is, of course, an impossibility. There are days when the views across the fields strike such a chord in my heart, I am all but […]

Painting Beauty on a Grateful Heart

It’s been a very, very strange Saturday. Surreal, even. My daughter and her husband are off to Thailand to celebrate their ten year anniversary (yay!)… their youngest son was admitted to hospital with an asthma attack (BOO!) and is being looked after by the other set of grandparents. […]

Friday Sunset 10 October 2014

No filter, no enhancement… just the glory of tonight’s spectacular sunset, a day ending, and the promise of another to come. Oh, and it’s date night… too many blessings to count, my friends. But that doesn’t mean we should’t still try. 🙂 Have a glorious weekend! Mother Hen […]

Thursday Sunset… on a Friday?

Well, my friends, since tonight’s sunset was more or less a nonevent, I thought I would share last night’s with you instead. It was a stunner!  You can just about make out the flock of partridges and a few young pheasant making their way across the field. Pheasants […]