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HH and the Hot Yeti

HH and I have a long history of music analysis. This is not to say, however, that it is all serious debate – quite often, HH’s inner 14-year-old comes out to play, and he rewrites the lyrics just for fun. Tonight, “Shining Light” by Ash was playing in […]

Meet My Beautiful Mum

From earliest childhood, Mum’s singing was more or less a constant feature in my life. When I was about four, just before starting school, I can recall sitting at Fortune’s Barn in Bradford, New Hampshire watching my beautiful mum in her bronze lame’ mini-dress belting out Patsy Cline […]

Very Vinyl

There is something so wonderfully tactile about music on vinyl. Somehow, in our digital age, I wonder if we have lost touch with…touch. Have a wonderful weekend, all! I am in an Eagle jam and loving it! Mother Hen © motherhendiaries 2014 all rights reserved