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Burgers and the Ugly Brit

England is full of caricatures: The neighbour down the road in the beige Mac (trench coat) and Burberry wool driving cap, pulling on his Sherlock Holmes pipe and eyeing me suspiciously as I post a card into the letterbox (cue “Pink Panther” Theme)… the granny on the bicycle […]

The World of My Normal Part 1

Some would have called us hillbillies, I suppose. Swamp Yankees. In my earliest years living in the New Hampshire farmhouse my Finnish grandfather had built, it was just my normal. Normal for 4 farm kids in those days was doing our chores, picking bugs off the potato plants […]

Happy Anniversaries

Handsome Husband and I celebrated our 29th anniversary yesterday. Hard to believe two people who still feel about 20 mentally – ok, 14 – have managed to end up married this long! It doesn’t matter that our bodies are falling apart and held together these days largely due […]