Category: memoirs

Radio Daze

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning for no accountable reason. Let’s just say that I had spent at least a full two REM cycles maniacally searching for 45’s to spin in a sound booth devoid of vinyl while the dead air dragged on and on […]

The Little Red Bull Calf

In the late 70’s, my grandparents, having transplanted themselves to southwest Missouri, bought a small farm outside a little place called Greenfield. They had maybe 10 acres or so, a quarter-pie shaped bit of land rimmed by the curve of a railway that scribed a hard iron line […]

It’s Just a Number

“He was an elderly man of 42…” Those were the opening words of one of the many, many stories I dreamt up and put pen to as a girl, most of which are lost and forgotten, scribbled on scraps of crumpled paper lost under beds and in schoolbooks […]

Memoirs of a Yankee Tumbleweed

It was December 1975 when the Blue Gypsy rolled into town. The place was called Nevada; it rhymed with tomata, potata and alligata. When our VW hit town, it was loaded down with 6 rowdy kids, a couple bags of clothes and our mom, ostensibly to spend Christmas […]