Category: memoirs

Sentimental Journeys

I have always viewed myself as unsentimental. Oh, sure. I religiously kept baby books for my children, and there is a box in the barn dedicated to early artwork, bits of pottery, class projects and so forth that my own children accumulated over the years. Mind you, in […]

The Nap

I am three years old, lying in my mother’s bed on a warm, spring day. It is nap time. The moan of eighteen-wheelers passing on the interstate is carried on the breeze, breaking the silence of my pink-walled prison. Mum sleeps, her chest rising and falling, her song […]

Three Births and a Funeral

It’s that time of year again… my winterly nesting urge has struck. Between obtaining more chickens and looking to add a few more fish to my tank, I am hoping this will satisfy the “mother” side of Mother Hen. “At your age?” you may ask, “Aren’t you a little […]