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Six of Charlotte’s nine chicks have arrived safely and a day early! One sadly did not make it, and there are two more under her still. The sweetest of broodies, she actually pecked at me today, which was a very good sign. That protective nature is definitely what […]


Note to self: Bunnies are super cute to watch sprinting across one’s garden, nibbling at rose leaves and foraging amongst the clover. However. One’s should also make sure one’s garden is not half buried in thick shrubbery that make for excellent hiding places! Mother Hen was feeling a […]

Dear Motorcyclist

An open letter to motorcyclists everywere. Feel free to cut, paste, share, whatever. I realize that the vast majority of you truly and absolutely value your lives, I really do. The feel of the wind in your hair, the squeak of the leather, the freedom, the joy of […]