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The Kindness of Men

I have long been dependent upon the kindness of men with toolboxes. ..Chainsaws. Back-hoes. Transit vans. Men with cement mixers and post hole diggers. Circular saws and jack hammers. Spirit levels. Really, really long extension cords and chunky drill bits. Men with measuring tapes and strong backs and […]


This is me…the bird on the bottom. Chaos has descended. Mind, she has been circling for a while, so it is not as if I was not fully expecting her to finally swoop out of the clear blue and sink her razor talons into the back of my […]

Sea Spray and Green Grass

Mother Hen is recharging her batteries at present… Stress and overload have taken their toll on all of us in the Hen Household. But don’t pity us. Take a look at where we are plugging in! Sometimes, all we need is a little sea therapy. Have a wonderful […]

Houston Hot

This is one happy Mother Hen today! We are just coming to the end of a proper heat wave here in England, with temperatures soaring up into the 80s. Most of the nation is, naturally, complaining about the heat. They can’t help it, really. It is the national […]

The Age of Colour

I am a huge fan of old pictures, both still and moving. I will spend hours poring over old photos, pixel by pixel, examining long dead faces for clues and for meaning.  The mystery of a world drawn starkly in black and white, a moment in time, a […]