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It will come as little surprise to those who know me well that I have historically been something of a social butterfly. Admittedly, I don’t flit from party to party quite as often as I have done in years past, the social torch having been passed to my daughter shortly after […]

Lost in Space

So, of course you are asking yourself… “Where has Mother Hen disappeared to?” Ok, so you haven’t.  That’s ok, I don’t mind… everybody is busy, and my tiny slice of the blogosphere is but a speck in the great, wide universe, a dark, shining space teeming with other […]

Pillow Talk III

I am nursing a cup of tea this morning when HH scuffs across the living room. He is wearing post-shower trackies, because naturally one could die of frostbite with all heaters running full tilt, and as you all know, he refuses to wear his bathrobe. Due to its immense […]

The Name Game

Last weekend, we had guests to stay. They were not people I knew, but were a guest speaker at our congregation and his wife. Our house is tiny, but we are always happy to share – the more the merrier, I say. Even with only one bathroom! At any […]