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Little Miss Perfect

Little Miss Perfect Out for the day Exits her taxi And makes her way   To dine with The Ladies Wearing linen and lace. She unfolds her napkin And dabs at her face,   Careful of rouge And tinted lips, Eyelash extensions And manicure tips.   So careful […]

The Splinter

Some of you may be aware that, in one of my numerous professional incarnations, I worked as a medical transcriptionist. This would likely explain my unblushing obsession with all aspects of the human anatomy, including joints, organs, gray matter, squishy parts and mucous membranes. Having transcribed every imaginable surgical procedure over the […]

The Un-Named Band

You know, just when I think my life can’t get any more strange or random, it does. Some of you long-time readers may recall my many attempts to charm HH into getting pretty much anything I want (within reason) so long as it involves the grandchildren from a […]