Category: humor

Pillow Talk II

Handsome Hubby is turning off his second snooze alarm when I return to bed this morning. His phone alarm is kind of a swelling Zen tune accompanied by the sound of running water, and while I am thankfully still in complete control of all bodily functions, the water running did […]

Sushi Mondays

I should be feeling guilty. Super guilty, actually… But I’m not. What’s wrong with me? HH, bless him, had to work this weekend (it’s a rarity, but a few times a year it happens – it’s an IT thing), and has pulled an all-nighter and worked like a […]

Wait For It…

Anticipation has much to recommend it. Back in the days before DVR, before DVD, before VCR even (yes, I am talking the stone age here!), the TV Guide was kind of your guidebook for the week. Sunday nights were Dallas nights, and whole cities became ghost towns for […]

Lost in Translation

They say the human brain has an almost limitless capacity for learning. And when it comes to languages, I would say that is probably true, provided a child has been immersed in multiple languages from a very early age. I have a Greek friend married to a Serbian, […]