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Sunday Sunset, 2 November 2014

  Here we are, once again… basking in the glow of another glorious sunset! Actually, I had left the dinner on the stove to creep outside in hopes of photographing the flock of about fifty partridges grazing in the freshly sprouting wheat, but alas, quiet as I was, I was […]

This Autumn on Instagram…

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today has dawned grey and rainy here in otherwise Sunny Buckinghamshire… it has been a morning for a good English fry-up in front of a roaring fire, unless, like me, you are completely heat intolerant. Fry-up: Check! Fire? Not a chance. But Hubby is shivering […]

The Dumbest Fly Ever

Ok. I’m all about showing loving-kindness to creatures great and small. Except when culling my flock, obviously. Sometimes, what has to be done has to be done. But then, there is the DUMBEST FLY EVER. Today was my day for working on finances, sweating (as usual), trying to […]


Well, actually, it is well over 400, if you count Facebook and email subscriptions… but, can I just say… a MASSIVE thank you to all of you out there who have chosen to stick around for more madness, mayhem, smiles, tears, drama, chicken poop and hormones? I love […]