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Hi there! I am an American who washed up on the shores of England over 25 years ago. I decided that if my life is an open book anyway, I better start writing some of it down before I get too old to remember that I enjoyed most of it. And if I can make you choke on your bagel or snort coffee out your nose from time to time, I feel I have succeeded in my mission here. Someone has to do it. Welcome to the comedrama dust bath that is my life...

Makeup For Lost Time

  I sit contemplating my dressing table… Come on, ladies, don’t be shy.  You all have one – it may be the bathroom mirror or at the kitchen table; perhaps it is your visor mirror utilized on your way to work, but we’ve all got a “dressing table,” […]

Rarest of the Rare

I was never meant to be a solo performer, apparently.  In fact, I’m pretty much rubbish without my wingman, my other half, my grill-meister.  The Captain to my Tenille.  Ringmaster of my own personal circus. Sunday dawned bright and sunny, warm with only a light breeze.  It was […]

Chickie Love III

Happy Sunday everyone!  The above picture was taken day 1 of Dusty Orpington’s life.  I thought it might be good to give an update on my favorite chicken.  Here she is in volume 3 of our chickie videos.  I gotta say, Hubby’s oversized Bronco hoodie does NOTHING for […]