Words of Wisdom

England has been in the throes of a mini-heat wave with sunshine and temps hovering around the 20° C mark (around 70°).

If you lived here, you would know how freakishly weird this is for February! (Thank YOU, global warming!)

Needless to say, the entire nation has stripped to the waist and been lounging in deck chairs for the past week. It’s been GLORIOUS!

This morning, however, our too-early spring screeched to a wet end.

“Ugh. It’s meant to be wet today,” I groused, flipping my phone over in disgust. “It’s supposed to rain for the next 4 or 5 days at least.” (Read: Until July.)

“Yay,” HH replies with mock cheer. “And just in time for the weekend!”

“Aren’t you glad we got all that gardening done last week?” I’ve only just recovered from spending all of last Saturday raking and hauling branches to the burn pile while HH happily followed our self-propelled mower around the lawn.

“Well,” says HH, “You gotta make hay while the sun shines!” 

“Wise words,” I admit, wondering how he manages such pre-coffee cheer.

“Yeah, I just made that one up right now.” He swings his legs out of bed and stretches. “I think I’m going to copyright my saying later on today. That way I can really throw a spotlight on my own wisdom,” he says, beginning a slow peacock strut to the hallway landing. “I’m planning include it in my book: Wise Words and Other Wise Things.”

“Ah yes. Of course. Your book.”

HH tightens the belt on his bathrobe with theatrical flourish. “The title is a bit long,” he admits, “but it’s going to be a long book so there’ll be plenty of room.”

Yep. He’s a regular Solomon, my Wise Guy. And cheerful enough for both of us.

Mother Hen

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  1. Hello, hello back 😁
    Weather is getting crazy here, too!
    It snowed in Sicilia and Calabria, but not in the Alpi 😂
    Ti auguro una magnifica settimana!


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