No Corn, No Photo

Seriously, can we ever have enough chicken memes?

This is Snowflake, hatched earlier this year,  now in glorious plumage and with attitude to match. You might think she’s going for her glamour shot, but in truth she is seeking corn. Like always, cheeky minx!

Photo captioned courtesy of my amazingly clever friend, Melanie. Thanks Mel! You have once again crystallised my vision into a few well chosen words. You are the best!

Please feel free to forward, cut, paste and share at will.

Mother Hen

© 2017, all rights reserved.

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  1. Welcome back, Dorreen 😀
    I am happy to read you again! And Snowflake is amazing: that corn is delicious!
    Ciao a tutti, che sia una magnifica giornata ❤


    • Aww thanks John! I have such a cute video of her when she was just a baby… She was so sweet! Now that she’s all grown up she’s not quite as cuddly, she has turned out to be very pretty indeed.
      We holiday in Italy at least once sometimes two times a year. I started learning to speak Italian a little less than two years ago so that we could communicate when we get off the beaten track. I am a proper Italiophile! 😘😘

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  2. Dorreen, so nice to see you back this morning, and featuring beautiful Snowflake! Your written Italian is impressive. Know you were learning the language last year. Where do you go there for holidays? I lived in Lago di Como area & Milano for 5 years (1970-75). It’s my favorite country. Love the culture, food & people! 🍁🍂 Christine

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    • Grazie, Christine! We have been all over – skiing in the Dolomites and more recently the alps (Val d’Aosta), Toscano a couple times, Rome and Venice many times, and along the western coast. I would really love to go to Puglia Perhaps next year. I would also love to go to Sardinia and Sicily, then work my way along the south coast through the toe of the boot … Also it is lovely to hear from you and to speak with you again! I have had so many crazy adventures in the past five months. You have missed so many beautiful sunsets! But I’m certainly trying to find a time for blogging again. Un abbracio, D

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      • Dorreen, I’m homesick for Italy. You’re been to some beautiful places there. I’ve skied in Val d’Aosta! We rented an apartment year-round in Montaz near Valtournenche, close to Cervinia and the Matterhorn. That was some exceptional skiing! Still have some of your beautiful sunsets on my blog’s Welcome Page. Happy you are back blogging! Abbracci, amica mia! Christine


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