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Anyone who knows me would say I am a people person. As a natural extrovert, I find it easy to work a room, to get a party going, and to keep conversation alive even in awkward company. Perhaps this is why I value my alone time. Solitude offers me space to reflect, to breathe free of expectations or demands upon my time.


“Frosted Leaves, Frozen Wheat” – Photo by Dorreen Augustine

When I am alone, I notice beauty in unusual places. I kneel in frosted grass and wonder at ice crystals and bird feathers, seed pods, and frozen footprints leading into the wood. I wonder who left them, and where they are now.

Mother Hen

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  1. I am like you. I enjoy the company of people and can be the life of the party. I often say that I am an introvert who overcompensated. I was very introverted as a child. Yet I enjoy my alone time. And I have been accused of living inside my head. So I fully understand what you are talking about. It is important to get away and get yourself a refill of energy.

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    • Oh my goodness – are we related, or what??? You have expressed my sentiments so eloquently!
      — “I often say that I am an introvert who overcompensated.”
      That is exactly what I have always felt like. I was terribly shy as a little girl and easily embarrassed by the least attention. I’ve obviously got over that – ha! I spend a lot of time in my own head too. Not sure everybody wants to know what madness lurks up there, but what is allowable I tend to share here. Thanks for your lovely comment. You are a kindred spirit indeed, Don! MH

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