What The Nose Knows



They say ‘The nose knows…”

I believe they are right

Whether it sniffs or it blows.

Never take for granted 

The ability to sense

The presence of poison,



To enrich or endanger

Life as we know it.

Oh, poor unappreciated nose!

Unless it bleeds or breaks,

Who cares what it knows?

Until the day our sense of smell


As in gone.


Baked bread, lilac, rose and vanilla,

Baby hair, puppy breath,

Line-dried sheets,

Hops, bonfires, the warm sheen of clean sweat well earned –

(Also poo, vomit, morning breath

and dinners burnt)

“I’m missing the smell of lavender,”

Says my love.

“I miss the smell of your perfume…”

My heart breaks 

For what his nose knows.

Or knew.


Mother Hen

© 2017, all rights reserved

Cover photo: Shutterstock

Categories: life, Poetry, writing

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