Dogs and the Need to Breed

brt-runningAs much as I love animals, I am no bleeding heart.

In fact, I reckon I’m pretty pragmatic. This is the same woman who has had to scalpel the heads off two chicks this breeding season on account of birth defects too severe to allow any quality of life… and, if you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you KNOW I love my chicks! I resolve myself to facing the hard choices head on in the interests of my animals, be they pet or livestock.

This ain’t my first rodeo – Vern Gosdin

I’m a firm believer in spaying and neutering all pets not intended for breeding. Let’s face it, there are are plenty of unwanted pets out there needing good homes, and just because YOU have a black lab (hyperactive, skin problems, poor conformation) and I have a black lab (fear biter, fear wetter, generally neurotic) is no reason to pollute the gene pool with more offspring to populate the shelters in future.

Yet, over the course of my life I have owned several dogs, two of which were brilliant specimens of their breeds and standardpossible breeding choices.

The first was our beloved Romeo, grandson of Cruft’s Champ Tommy Gun and a gorgeous white Standard Poodle who occupied a place in our lives for a wonderful 14 years. He and I had made a pact from the moment I brought him home: “As long as you are a good boy and behave yourself,” said I, “you can keep them.”

He seemed to understand, wagged his stump of a tail and got on with the business of being a dog in the crazy glory that was our life bringing up children. Once he was about two and beyond most of his puppy craziness, Ro was an awesome dog. He came when called, never EVER soiled in the house (unless he was sick), was loyal, protective and always game for a laugh. I’d be lying to say I didn’t still miss him.

Nevertheless, when he was six or so, our bargain regarding his family jewels was effectively broken. Some thoughtless neighbour decided it was a good idea to walk a bitch in season in our local park, and poor Ro had his nose full of girlie scent when we went to the park. Spying a submissive male, he tried to get a leg over and a dogfight ensued, much to my horror!

Dogs, like chickens, are equal opportunity breeders. Size, for a dog, does NOT matter!

Being less afraid of dogs than I am of a lawsuit, I wrestled my errant pooch to the ground with some difficulty. All I can say is that I’m glad I was wearing a heavy coat and leather gloves. My beloved boy, sweet though he was, had blood in his eye and tried to take my arm off. (Which says a lot for the “call of the wild” and my “one-strike-you’re-out” rule when it  comes to canine sexuality.)

humptyAnd so today, when my near-perfect Bear decided that the scent of some female was more enticing than my call to heel, he crossed that line. He is a lovely, lovely boy and I would be more than happy to pass on his genes to future Black Russian Terriers. However, “unfixed,” he is a danger to himself and possibly others on account of his size, has zero road sense, and seriously, no one with a small breed bitch wants her to die in whelping after being ridden by a giant breed like mine!

big-littleSo the long and short of it is that my lovely Bear will be undergoing the knife asap. I am sad for future generations of Black Russian Terriers. He is a wonderful specimen of his breed and I’m only sorry I didn’t discover BRTs years ago. But, after spending an hour stomping around the woods (up hill, down hill, through mud and meadow), and returning home to yet ANOTHER phone call to come collect my dog for the third time in three weeks, enough is enough.

Bear lays on my floor licking his bits as I write, probably just because he can… I wonder if he knows their days are numbered?

Mother Hen

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  1. Always a hard decision if they’re not spayed or neutered as pups. Bear will be fine, and less of a worry for you. A dog is a dog and unpredictable at any time. I’ve got two male dogs (neutered) and still don’t trust them off leash, even though they are well trained. Give Bear lots of hugs and pats! And hugs for you! 💛 Christine


  2. If there were any other natural way to diminish or remove entirely their desire to procreate, I would be all for it but it is what it is. “Tutoring” is the only answer. I would advise against giving him a heads up. He might examine the fine print on his adoption papers and renegotiate the deal. Something about ‘unauthorized removal of parts’ rendering said adoption null and void.

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