Chicks and The Gentle Giant


Today is HATCH DAY!

Having had a couple of broody hen disasters this summer, I have invested in a Brinsea Mini Incubator at long last… And today, 5 of my 6 hatchlings have said a big, chirping “HELLO” to the world!

While my flock is steadily increasing, is it really SO wrong that we had chicken for dinner?

Ok. It probably is. Mea Culpa and all that, right?

However, I thought you might appreciate a shot of my Bear’s introduction to the chicklets… He is ever such a sweet boy. I’ll explain in a later post how he came to be with us, but to cut a long story short in this teeny tiny post (after a 6 month hiaitus, even!), it is a tale that involves my ongoing “mother hen” issues, an oddly cooperative husband and murder (yes, MURDER!).

More to come.

Still here!

Mother Hen

© 2016

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  1. Nice to have you back! My history with chickens goes way back to kid hood when we raised them for eggs and eating! Chicken in a pot and deer venison stew bubbling on the wood stove was the norm! Your little chicks are fluffy adorable! 💛Christine Elizabeth

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