Chicks and The Gentle Giant


Today is HATCH DAY!

Having had a couple of broody hen disasters this summer, I have invested in a Brinsea Mini Incubator at long last… And today, 5 of my 6 hatchlings have said a big, chirping “HELLO” to the world!

While my flock is steadily increasing, is it really SO wrong that we had chicken for dinner?

Ok. It probably is. Mea Culpa and all that, right?

However, I thought you might appreciate a shot of my Bear’s introduction to the chicklets… He is ever such a sweet boy. I’ll explain in a later post how he came to be with us, but to cut a long story short in this teeny tiny post (after a 6 month hiaitus, even!), it is a tale that involves my ongoing “mother hen” issues, an oddly cooperative husband and murder (yes, MURDER!).

More to come.

Still here!

Mother Hen

© 2016

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  1. The question is, did you eat one of your happy, naturally raised chickens? Or one that had been tortured in a battery farm?
    Also, welcome back! Hope the hiatus isn’t going to last too much longer!

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    • Well, my dear, this one was organic free range… but whether that is truly a free range, I cannot say. But we have a big cull coming up, sadly. Which will mean plenty of happy, naturally raised dinners in my future! 🙂 Life has got crazy, truly. TRULY. Not bad, just … frenetic. I have stories in my head and no time to write! 🙂


      • Sounds like my life. Although I’ve not yet had the courage to eat my own chickens. I’m embarrassed to confess that when they stop paying rent, I look for someone on Craigslist to take them out to dinner… 😦

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        • LOL! Bless… I totally understand. Nothing nice about killing your feathered friends! Worst for me was having to euthanise a chick born disembowelled… Poor lil love…. knowing it was suffering made it less difficult.

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          • That I could do. But it’s not just the killing of the chickens – it’s the CLEANING. UGH! And then they don’t package up in nice little bundles for freezing – NO. Their legs and wings stick out and there’s not a dang thing you can do about it. Honestly, the whole process is just horrible! But you know that … or maybe you have a proper chicken slaughtering set-up. The time I had my neighbor teach me how to kill chickens, we had a wooden stump, an axe, and a large pot of hot water. It was no fun at all!

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          • I agree – evisceration is a million times worse than plucking!! My method is not a lot different from your own. It is never a duty I relish! In fact, I very nearly lost 2 fingers to the effort last autumn, as you probably know. But hey – It is what it is. I’m much more careful now!

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