This Chick’s Got Some ‘splaining to Do!

giant egg - Copy (2)

Right – so which one of my hens has been fraternizing with an ostrich lately? Hmm?

Whoever she is, her latest production is about the size of an avocado and can be compared to a human female giving birth to a 35-year-old man. With full beard. (*YIKES!!!*)

In any case,  the chick that can pass a triple-yolker and still live to cluck another day wins my respect for sure!

How do they do it?shell shock chicken

It’s probably just as well we don’t think too hard about the logistics of it all, eh, my friends?

(Way to put y’all off eggs…)

And for the record, any crazy woman who takes the time to draw chicken faces on her fresh eggs probably needs to be medicated.

Thanks once again for tuning in to my special brand of crazy – and spread the chickeny love, y’all!

xx Mother Hen

© motherhendiaries 2016 all rights reserved.

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