La Lingua dell’Amore

romanzoOk, ok… so I’ve been just the tiniest bit quiet this month. As in, TOTALLY SILENT!

Truth is, I’ve been up to my ears in the business that is life – you know, taxes, family, bills… *snore!*

As you know, some women escape to the mall or to the hairdresser to decompress. They go to massage therapists and get doused in lavender. Women have been known to take up painting or music or dance in their spare time. They do Zumba and go to stretch classes. Some bake cakes, others sew or knit wooly cardigans.

Apparently I have little in common with “some women”. Or so HH assures me.

So what does Mother Hen do to unwind? What does this closet librarian, bookworm and classic film fanatic extraordinaire do in her limited spare time?

I study. There I said it. Yes, my friends, I study…

But before you get all super impressed by my boundless intellect, let me put a pin in that straight away.

elisaBy study, I mean burying my head in Italian love stories and a hefty dose of Italian TV, with the odd verb table and a dictionary thrown in for good measure. Much to HH’s horror, I might add. In his view, all Italian TV looks like a soap opera and sounds like… well, Italian!

(Naturally, I haven’t the foggiest idea what he’s on about!)

On the upside, there’s nothing like a pair of star-crossed lovers to keep my brain engaged in the language, even if it does mean enduring the odd long-suffering eye roll from HH. Bless him.

Hey, Big Bang Theory can hardly be considered a work of theatrical genius either!

Let’s just do the math on this one, shall we?  

Sheldon and Amy: Together at last. (And about time, too!)

sheldon and amy

Or… Elisa and Fabrizio: Together at last. (Sigh!)


I know. It was a tough decision for me to come to as well. But when it comes to la lingua dell’amore, the Italians have this won hands down!

So, while I should have been reading your lovely blogs (in English!) this past month and adding to my own, I have, in fact, had my head well and truly in the clouds whenever my shoulder was not at the wheel or my nose to the grindstone. My Italian is coming along nicely, though. At least by the time I return to Rome this summer, I’ll know how to tell someone I love them, ask them to marry me, and beg them to kiss me. Well, it IS a romance language, after all.

On second thought, maybe I better look at a boring phrase book or two before I go.

Arrivederci, miei amici!

Mother Hen  

© motherhendiaries 2016, all rights reserved.

p.s. For those who don’t mind subtitles, the ridiculously handsome Alessandro Preziosi also stars in another of my favourite series, Inspector De Luca (il commissario De Luca). It is well worth watching and available on Amazon Prime.

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