Honey, I’m HOME!

So Mother Hen has taken a bit of a leave of absence this past month, but with the steady stream of posts appearing daily on your readers, I feel pretty certain my absence has been a welcome reprieve for you all!

But, guess what?


hello from the otter slide

So… what have we been up to this past month? Oh, the usual stuff… returning from our Italian ski holiday



No, wait… I mean –


ski gear

*this is not my actual house. I don’t decorate in “Single Guy Living in Mom’s Basement.” But the mess gives you the general idea of what I dealt with once my suitcase and our roof box exploded.

Three days later, I was off on a little mini-roadtrip to Scotland, taking my niece from University of Iowa to start her semester abroad …

me and ema

Poor Ema looking beat after her last flight. And that’s me in the alpaca waistcoat looking fresh, if somewhat well-padded, having survived 2 weeks on a diet of vino rosso, pane e molto fromaggio.

in Edinburgh!

edinburgh_151256843It looked exactly like this… only colder.

Then it was a 7 hour drive back down south, and home once more.

To unpack.


Aww, c’mon, y’all. I KNOW this is a cake. But… well, CAKE. And Vuitton… both equally yummy!

Just kidding!

It was more like…


Not cake. Boo.

While there, I managed to lose three pair of shoes!!




riding boots

And, saddest of all,



Noooo! Not my treasured bunny slippers!!!!! It’s like a fate worse than a fate worse than death!

Of course, I contacted the hotel to say they had all been left in the closet, but, wonder of wonders, the cleaning staff never turned them in. All I can say is whoever cleaned my room is wearing some pretty cool slippers.

In other news, this Mother Hen has been getting caught up on a mountain of paperwork, paying bills, filing tax returns and putting together a six-month financial plan of action for our business…


(Sorry – yes, that part is boring.)

In my spare time, I  have been devoting every spare moment to learning Italian in time for my next trip.

parliamo l'italianoTwo of my beautiful sisters will be visiting in July, and we are planning a little trip to Rome, in addition to taking day trips into and around London. I figure if I’m going to Italy at least once a year anyway, it might not be a bad idea to get a proper handle on the language. It’s going well so far for wordy me, but I must admit my brain is tired once it hits the pillow.


Apple Bunny in foreground, looking her cheeky old self. That is her snuggle buddy behind her, Thumper.#loveheartsinmyeyes…

In other news, my Apple Bunny has survived her Myxomatosis and her scabs have all healed. She is back to being my gorgeous girl again, with just some scarring on her eyelids that will require me to pluck what remain of her eyelashes once a month for the rest of her little bunny life… poor love! Apart from that, you would never know she was ever ill, and Thumper has remained disease free, thank goodness!

My tendon has healed nicely from the meat cleaver incident in November, though the finger had to be resplinted since the bone was actually broken at the first knuckle. Go figure! So now, after a number of weeks immobilised, the exercises have begun to regain flexibility in my extensor tendon. For the record, I have not killed any more chickens since the last disaster. I have gained a whole new respect for my digits, and fully intend to keep them all.

Meanwhile, I’m typing with 9 fingers for another couple weeks. But it’s a small price to pay, considering how bad things COULD have been!

I’ve missed you all!

Mother Hen

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